Abouriou N

@ Gilles Cattiau / INRA

This ancient variety from the southwest was reported by Numa Naugé (Viala and Vermorel, 1910) as a variety that was very widespread in Lot-et-Garonne before the phyloxeric crisis.

First reported in the 19th century in the region, this early grape variety comes from the Madeleine Noir in the Charentes department. Its two prestigious brothers including Malbec and Merlot. Mainly cultivated in the Brulhois and Côtes du Marmandais appellations, it enables the production of very colorful and tannic wines, with aromas of small red and black fruits (blackcurrant, blackberry, …) with minty notes.

This grape variety was sought after for its precocity and low susceptibility to disease.

White cottony bud with a carmine edge. Quinquelobed adult leaves with marked lateral sinuses. Petiolar sinus in open lyre. Bubble blade. Medium bunches and medium, round, grape clusters. Pronounced peduncle.

Aromas are of spices, black fruits (blackcurrant, strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant, blackberry, …), mentholated notes, vanilla…

The Aboriou is currently an endangered grape variety.

Production area: 197 ha (487 acres)

@ Gilles Cattiau / INRA