Prunelard N (a.k.a. Prunelart)

@ Gilles Cattiau / INRA

Prunelard noir, native to the Tarn region, belongs to the Cotoïdes family. It is a very old grape variety, probably originating from Gaillac or the Garonne valley, and was the father of Malbec (Cot) and Négrette, and thus an important ancestor in the Cotoïdes family, originating from the Southwest. Prunelard offers small cylindrical bunches with medium-sized black grapes. It gives a rich, colorful, full-bodied and well-balanced wine with aromas of spices and ripe fruit.

The Prunelard vine has slightly cottony budding and young leaves with tanned patches. Mature leaves are fully coated with a slightly open V-shaped petiolar sinus and red petiole.

Gives a wine for laying down, colorful, robust, well-balanced and often times rich in alcohol. Aromas are of spices (peppery notes), ripe fruits…

A very ancient and once widespread grape variety through the vineyards in the Southwest, it almost disappeared. Today, it is experiencing a revival of interest and is in full development in the Gaillac and Marcillac vineyards.

Production area: 73 ha (180 acres)

@ Gilles Cattiau / INRA