Courbu Blanc B and Petit Courbu B

@ Gilles Cattiau /INRA

These two varieties are of Pyrenean origin, belonging to the same family but with very distinct characteristics, and come from the grape varieties of the Pacherenc Vic-Bilh and Jurançon appellations. Petit Courbu is also part of the Saint Mont Blanc grape variety (20% minimum).

Courbu vines produces white cottony buds with a pink rims, with young fluffy leaves, turning red in the fall. Very large adult leaves have three or five lobes and a closed lyre petriolar sinus. Courbu yields small bunches with small golden grapes at the time of harvest.

This grape gives the wine a typicity that is difficult to qualify from an organoleptic point of view.

Fine wines of great quality, sweet or dry, supple, rich in alcohol, moderately acidic, aging very well, which refines its bouquet without losing its beautiful pale yellow color. Aromas are of lemon, grapefruit…

Courbu B is still cultivated in the Pyrenean vineyards where, combined with Petit Manseng or Arrufiac, is used to make sweet wines from Jurançon or Pacherenc.

Production area: 27 ha (67 arces in 2018)

@ Gilles Cattiau /INRA