Saint Sardos AOC-AOP

Saint-Sardos – Réalisation 2012


Saint Sardos is located between the natural reserve of Lomagne and the Garonne river, near the towns of Castelsarrasin and Moissac. This small appellation, once land of great medieval wines, has arisen from its ashes to produce fine wines.

Pinot Noir N, Syrah N (Shiraz), and Tannat N (minimum 40% Shiraz et 20% Tannat)

Accessory red grape varieties are Cabernet Franc N et Merlot N.

Red wines with a particular, complex spicy character, which offer floral, fruity and liquorice notes. These wines can lay down 5 years in the cellar.

Food and wine pairing:

They were tasted with cassoulet, at a temperature of 18 ° C.

Round, caressing, lively and aromatic rosé wine, opening onto red fruits and pretty floral aromas.

Food and wine pairing:

Great as an aperitif, or with starters. Served chilled at 10 ° to 12 ° C.


1990: Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC-AOP*)

Location: Aveyron department

Production area: 192 ha (475 acres)

Harvest: 8 274 hl (827 400 litres): 90% red, 10% rosé

Terroir: Between 300 and 600 meters of altitude on soils rich in limestone and iron oxide, red in color, the “rougiers”.

Climate: Sometimes continental, sometimes Mediterranean, with a dominant oceanic influence.


2011: Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC-AOP*)

Location: Tarn-et-Garonne department

Production area: 90 ha (222 acres)

Harvest: 4 000 hl (400 000 litres): 70% red and 30% rosé

Terroir: Saint Sardos benefits from the well-exposed hilly soils on the left bank of the Garonne river.

Climate: Hydrated by a large river on one side and the Gers hydraulic basin on the other, and showered with abundant sunshine, Saint Sardos enjoys exceptional climatic conditions.

* Created by the EU in 1992, the AOP label (Appellation d’Origine Protégée) designates products that have been produced, processed and developed in a specific geographical area, using the recognized know-how of local producers and ingredients from that region. The English equivalent is PDO (Protected Designation of Origin).