Ariège IGP


The minerality of its dry white wines recalls the typical landscapes of castles erected on rocky outcrops.

Cabernet France N, Cabernet Sauvignon N, Cot N (Malbec), Fer Servadou N, Gamay N, Merlot N, Petit Verdot N, Pinot Noir N, Syrah N, (Shiraz), Tannat N, Tempranillo N.

Affufiac B, Camaralet de Lasseube B, Chardonnay B, Chenin B, Courbu B, Gros Manseng B, Mauzac B, Ondenc B, Petit Courbu B, Petit Manseng B, Pinot Gris B, Sauvignon B, Sauvignon Gris G, Sémillon B, Viognier B.

Supple, lively and fresh red wines, fruity to the nose and in the mouth. More complex aromas for wines laying down, with spicy notes and powerful tannins. To be enjoyed from the fifth year forward.

Food and wine pairing:

With red meats or poultry for young wines. Red wines for laying down are excellent with grilled meats or game.

Extremely delicious, dense, aromatic and lively rosé wines. Fruity and delicious aromas.

Food and wine pairing:

Ideal as an aperitif, served chilled at 8 ° C.

Strong floral and fruity aromas; mineral notes are clearly found on the palate.

Food and wine pairing:

To drink chilled, at 8 ° C, with grilled fish or a la plancha for dry white wines. For sweet whites, ideal as an aperitif, with desserts or blue cheese.


2011: Indication Géographique Protégée (IGP*)

Location: Ariège department

Production area: 59 ha (146 acres)

Harvest: 1 950 hl ( 195 000 litres), 75% red, 15% rosé, 10% white.

Terroir: The Ariège IGP extends from the south of the Toulouse plain to the foothills of the Pyrenees. Three sub-groups, embellished with rocks and limestone cliffs, create land breaks:

– The slopes of the Lèze made up of tertiary molassic rocks with clay-lime soil well drained by the slope;

– The slightly more rocky slopes of Plantaurel;

– The Pamiers plain and its alluvial soils brought by the Ariège river. The vines are planted in areas on the foothills, at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level on average.

Climate: Sub-Mediterranean type, influenced by the proximity of the Pyrenean chain, with mild winters and hot, dry summers, and lots of sun. The rainfall is important in the spring. The continental influence increases with altitude.

* Created by the EU in 1992, the IGP label designates products that have been produced, processed and developed in a specific geographical area, using the recognized know-how of local producers and ingredients from that region. The English equivalent is PGI (Protected Geographical Indication).