Welcome to Southwest France, a region where good food meets great wines!

Recipes elaborated by Fabrice Mignot accompanied by wines from the Southwest of France.

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Ségala Veal Ceviche
Adour Salmon Gravlax
Quercy Lamb
Grilled Southwest Duck Breast
Beef and Sweet Potato Parmentier
Cheese from Southwest France
Perigord Walnut Dacquoise
Mango Violet Pavlova
Chocolate Soufflé

For the Southwestern vineyards, 29 PDO (AOC-AOP) and 13 PGI (IGP).

42 denominations with different personalities, from a variety of grape varieties originating from the Southwest.

The red wines of the Southwest generally offer aromas of red fruits (raspberry, redcurrant), black fruits (blackberry, blackcurrant, blueberry), flowers (violet, peony) and spices (liquorice, pepper). They are elegant, supple, with velvety tannins.

Wines for laying down are often more complex. On the nose, they are intense with a rich aromatic range. On the palate, one will appreciate their silky and powerful tannins.

Particularly fond and lively, sometimes with a sustained robe and intense aromas. On the palate, one will appreciate these fresh and gourmand wines, but one will also find wines with a nice texture typical of gastronomic rosés.

They will be appreciated dry, soft, mellow or effervescent. The dry white wines are lively with powerful aromas of citrus fruits, exotic fruits, or flowers. The sweet and mellow wines reveal intense and complex aromas, with flavours of fresh fruit to candied fruits, and sometimes honey or truffle. Sparkling wines offer elegant aromas magnified by the vivacity of the bubbles.

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